Mission Partners

Calvary supports the following mission programs:

  • Calvary Corner House is adjacent to the parking lot.  Operated by Friendship House, we provide a place for men who are coming out of the shelters and ready to move into greater independence. 
  • Iglesia Presbiteriana in Placetas, Cuba
  • Second Sunday Sharing which supports various mission programs here in Wilmington
  • Friendship House 
  • Meeting Ground 
  • Richardson Park Community Action Program


055Our Connection to Cuba

Earlier this year the Mission and Commitment Committee made the little church in Placetas, Cuba, part of our ministry, so let me tell you something about these brothers and sisters in Christ– and as they constantly tell us, we are family.

039The Presbyterian Church in Cuba has a rich history, reaching back over one hundred years, and the church in Placetas is one of the oldest, officially chartered in 1908.  Before the Revolution, the Placetas church, like many of our Presbyterian churches, operated a school for over two hundred children.  The government now controls all the education, but the church does have an active youth group.  They also have a very active group for senior citizens– “los ancianos”.  Many of those folk live in single rooms and are very poor.  The church provides lunch once a week and does their laundry.  (Detergent is expensive and only available in the dollar store.)   Our visit is an opportunity for them to take a small trip– a luxury few can afford.

The new church is rising

The new church is rising

What do we do when we go?  We do what they do: worship on Sunday, visit with the pastor, attend events at the church.  We eat dinner in their homes. We take over the counter medications that are not available in Cuba– aspirin, vitamins, Tums, antiseptics, etc.  But more importantly, we are building a congregation by building a church.  Their former building had to be condemned (a ceiling beam had cracked), and has been torn down– by hand, one sledge hammer, one pair of work gloves.  They are now building a lovely new facility, very Cuban, very functional.