Baptism is the sacrament of entrance to theIMG-20130428-00113 community of faith. Presbyterians baptize adults on their profession of faith, as well as the children of church members. Adults are baptized following instruction in a Membership Class, and their profession of faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

Most Presbyterians are baptized as infants as a sign of God’s love and as a recognition of their welcome into our church family. What better way to show God’s unconditional love than to baptize a newborn baby? Children will speak for themselves and confirm their baptisms in a confirmation program during their teen years.

Baptism is celebrated in the gathered community of the church during Sunday morning worship. Please be aware that:

  •  Presbyterians do not do private family baptisms.
  •  At least one of the parents should be an active member at Calvary.
  • The Session of Calvary must approve all baptisms prior to their taking place. 
  • Before each baptism, parents meet with the pastor to discuss the theology of baptism and what it means in the life of their family and the Calvary family.

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