weddingwebpicWe at Calvary congratulate you on your upcoming wedding, and surround you with prayers for your marriage!

Although marriage is not a sacrament in the Presbyterian Church, it is a sacred time in your life and ours. Weddings are celebrations of love – of your love for each other, and of God’s love for us all. It is a time to celebrate and give thanks as you begin a new chapter in life together.

Because this is an important time in your life, you need the support and love of family and friends, including your church family. For this reason weddings at Calvary are generally only considered when there is a history of your, your fiancĂ©’s or your families’ involvement in the life, witness, worship and work of Calvary. We ask this so that we may truly surround you, as known and trusted friends, with our genuine love and support, both as you plan you wedding and as you live your married life.

Please note that all weddings at Calvary must be approved by the Session, prior to the ceremony, taking the above guideline into account.