Sermons at Calvary intend to connect our daily lives with God’s Word. The ancient words of the Bible might have been written thousands of years ago, but today, they remain, not only relevant, but influential to who we are today. By looking at the context of the writers of the Bible and our context today, we hope to find meaningful insight into God’s love in the world and how we get to be a part of it.

Sermons at Calvary hope to speak to the individual and to the community as a whole. As individuals, we come to worship to find hope, to heal, to challenge ourselves and deepen our beliefs, understanding, and education. And, as a community, we come to worship to learn how together we make up the Body of Christ, showing love to the world.

To view sermons in our YouTube virtual worship service, click below. Other services can be found at the church FaceBook page:

July 25 2021 Worship Livestream

June 27 2021 Worship Livestream Video

June 20 2021 Worship Livestream Video

June 6 2021 Worship Livestream Video

May 30 2021 Worship Video

May 23 2021 Worship Video

May 16 2021 Worship Video

May 9 2021 Worship Video

May 2 2021 Worship Video

To read written copies of sermons see below:

September 12 2021 Ordinary 24–Speaking for Ourselves

September 5 2021 Ordinary 23–Teaching Jesus a Lesson

August 29 2021 Ordinary 22–Pure Religion

August 22 2021 Ordinary 21–God’s Armor

August 1 2021 Ordinary 18–The Friendly Bread

July 25 2021 Ordinary 17–Abundant Living

July 4 2021 Ordinary 14–Sufficient Grace

June 27 2021 Ordinary 13–A Church for Real People

June 20 2021 Ordinary 12–Faith and Fear

June 6 2021 Ordinary 10–We Do Not Lose Heart

May 30 2021 Trinity–Send Me

May 23 2021 Pentecost–Take a Breath

May 16 2021 Easter 7–Joyfully Sent

May 9 2021 Easter 6–Abiding Love

May 2 2021 Easter 5–Love Is the Way

April 25 2021 Easter 4–The Good Shepherd

April 18 2021 Easter 3–Always a Way

April 11 2021 Easter 2–Your Questions Are Welcome Here

April 4 2021 Easter–Continue the Story